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    Contact person

    Gisela Sowa

    social worker with diploma
    telephone: 05121 / 167518

    Robert Smietana

    fundraising management
    telephone: 05121 / 9187460

    Families in Need.

    Master any needs together!

    We had our life under control...

    ...until it got off track: a separation, an illness, the loss of employment. This is how many families who turn to FiN describe it. Sometimes the crisis comes suddenly, sometimes gradually. There is stress, conflict and trouble with money...

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    You want to support our foundation?

    You can transfer your donation to the following account:
    Familien in Not Hildesheim – FiN
    Sparkasse Hildesheim Goslar Peine
    IBAN: DE22 2595 0130 0034 3971 74
    Please enter your address for the donation receipt!

    Companies in Hildesheim support Families in Need

    There are many opportunities as a company to show social commitment for families in need: e.g. a corporate event or an open house day. We are happy to put your ideas or wishes to support our foundation into practice together.

    Familien in Not
    Klosterstr. 6 - 31134 Hildesheim

    telephone: 05121 - 16750

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