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FiN helps.

In an unbureaucratic way. Through targeted sustainable help und advice, so that families can overcome difficult life situations and master their everyday life again.

FiN encourages.

Education and participation in order to give children, teenagers and adolescents new opportunities for development.

FiN supports.

With the help of a big network of the Diakonie and other social services,  commercial enterprises, associations and individuals.

The foundation Families in Need stands up for children, teenagers and families in the region of Hildesheim. Our offer is directed to people who live in difficult family circumstances, who got into personal crises or who find themselves in front of apparently unsolveable obstacles. Together we are looking for solutions. To overcome a personal crisis or difficult life situation, the network of the Diakonisches Werk offers many consulting and care services. To achieve better education and opportunities for development, we cooperate with network partners of economic and educational institutions.

Our goals is to help young people be part of the society and to open up new perspectives. Our support is meant to work as support through self-help so that children, teenagers and adolescents as well as their families make active and autonomous use of their opportunities.

We work in an unbureaucratic, individual and confidential way.



Johannes spielt Fußball

...is eight years old and loves playing football. His mother is raising him by herself after the divorce. She has a part-time job and a huge amount of debts. FiN helps her to control her issues and finds her a debt counselling. FiN takes over the costs for the football club of Johannes.


...is twelve years old and has three siblings. Her youngest brother is severely disabled. The parents care a lot about their children. Lena goes to high school and is very musical, but the parents are lacking the time, energy and means to foster her talent. FiN supports the family and provides regular piano lessons for Lena.


...is 16 years old and in 10th grade of comprehensive school. Her parents don't notice that she has false friends. Only when problems at school arise, they are alerted. FiN encourages the family to get into talks, supports Jasmin choosing a career, and provides her with an internship at a partner company.



...is now 21 years old. After graduating from high school, she just wanted to leave home. There was constant stress. She moved into a shared flat, wanted to go partying and have fun. She just didn't have the money for that. After two years, she had enough and wanted to leave the scene. Her parents took her back in. Then Ariane found out that she was pregnant. Because of all the different issues, the parents turned to FiN. FiN offered support during the pregnancy, livelihood, debt counselling, and in the long term a traineeship.



...is a single mom of Lars and Miriam. She had her life well under control. Until a water damage destroyed her whole kitchen facilities. Without insurance, Maria had to use the money she had been putting away for a modest family vacation to buy new furniture and equipment. The children were sad and disappointed. Maria didn't know what to do. She turned to FiN. After they dealt with the existential questions, FiN organized and subsidized a family vacation.

Family K.

...lives with its seven children in an old farmhouse in the county. Mister K. did a lot of the work in the house himself. Then he got cancer. It was followed by an operation and many treatments. Since then, the single earner gets sick pay. The family is lacking in every corner. The means and medication that the health insurance doesn't cover cost a lot of money. That is why there is almost nothing left for the children. FiN helps the family in their daily life and provides support and leisure activities for the children.

Assistance & Support

We help you – if you are looking for help.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation in life, our foundation Families in Need offers you support,
just get in contact with us.

We cooperate with the Diakonisches Werk.
You can find more information on the website: www.diakonie-hildesheim.de

Our consulting is confidential and free of charge!

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Gisela Sowa

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Companies in Hildesheim support Families in Need

There are many opportunities as a company to show social commitment for families in need: e.g. a corporate event or an open house day. We are happy to put your ideas or wishes to support our foundation into practice together.

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