Voluntary work


Strollers, readers, babysitters, tutors, companions – to put it short, we are looking for supporters for all kinds of circumstances!

A few hours in the week or month – for many beaming, thankful faces. This is priceless!

Making the world a little bit better.

For people in need a little bit easier. For lonely people a little bit happier, for desperate people a little bit more hopeful.

With your commitment you can achieve this. Volunteers are the everyday heroes. The wage is the certainty of doing something meaningful and seeing all the thankful faces.

Talents are needed: accompany people, consult, establish contacts, be able to laugh, tell stories, help with homework, organize, keep calm, encourage...

A little bit of time helps a lot: in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, a few times a year, once a month, a few times a week...

And there are so many possibilities: support for families and seniors in accompanying them to the doctor, to appointments or events, shared leisure activities, home visits, sports, music, gardening, handicrafts, puzzling, cooking or playing – and everything else that is needed.

Not anything, but something that fits to you. Therefore, please tell us who you are, and we will find the best fitting task that you enjoy and that fulfils you. We prepare you, support you professionally and are pleased to integrate you in our team!

And as a company?

If you want to increase the social commitment of your company, you could consider engaging in our foundation network. Good contacts, experience and interest are always welcome in voluntary work. We need volunteers, the people need volunteers.

And why? The voices of our everyday heroes.

...because I enjoy doing something meaningful.
...because I want to make a difference.
...because I want to give something back.
...because it gives me a different point of view on things.
...because it opens up perspectives for me.
...because it enriches me.
...because it makes me happy.
...because it brings me together with others.
...because it encourages and acknowledges me.

How can we reach you?

    You want to support our foundation?

    You can transfer your donation to the following account:
    Familien in Not Hildesheim – FiN
    Sparkasse Hildesheim Goslar Peine
    IBAN: DE22 2595 0130 0034 3971 74
    Please enter your address for the donation receipt!

    Companies in Hildesheim support Families in Need

    There are many opportunities as a company to show social commitment for families in need: e.g. a corporate event or an open house day. We are happy to put your ideas or wishes to support our foundation into practice together.

    Familien in Not
    Klosterstr. 6 - 31134 Hildesheim

    telephone: 05121 - 16750

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