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Companies as well as individuals can get involved with FiN. Each of your assistance reaches its goal directly and traceably. Besides financial support, contacts, material assets and creativity also play an important role. By supporting FiN, companies combine business success with their social commitment in the region and the assumption of responsibility.

Social commitment that arrives safely.

For more than 10 years FiN – Families in Need – supports people to help them out of hopeless situations and to give them a perspective in life. Everyday we receive new calls for help. To be able to help we need your support. If you want to donate once, regularly or at a special occasion is your own choice. There are many different opportunities to help.
There are many different opportunities to support FiN – and even more good reasons.

If you want to support us, you can find the information of our donations account at the bottom of this website.
Please indicate your postal address to receive a donation receipt.

How you can support us

Instead of gifts

Donations instead of gifts – for families in need in the region. Take your birthday, a celebration or an an anniversary as an occasion to donate for families in need.

Funeral donations

Doing good by saying goodbye to a loved one. Renounce wreaths and flowers and give new hope to a family in need through your donation instead.

Company donations

Combine company events or anniversaries with fundraising activities, or donate Christmas presents. Living social commitment which arrives directly and assuredly.


Give your wealth a special meaning. With an endowment, the existing endowment capital of a foundation increases. The interest income goes into the foundation's work.

Contact person

We gladly assist with further information. If you want to learn more about the work of the foundation Families in Need, we are happy to receive your call or message - of course without any obligation.

You want to support our foundation?

You can transfer your donation to the following account:
Familien in Not Hildesheim – FiN
Sparkasse Hildesheim Goslar Peine
IBAN: DE22 2595 0130 0034 3971 74
Please enter your address for the donation receipt!

Companies in Hildesheim support Families in Need

There are many opportunities as a company to show social commitment for families in need: e.g. a corporate event or an open house day. We are happy to put your ideas or wishes to support our foundation into practice together.

Familien in Not
Klosterstr. 6 - 31134 Hildesheim

telephone: 05121 - 16750

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