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For many companies, social commitment is an important component of their own profile. Many practical examples show that economic and social actions do not exclude each other. The foundation Families in Need is glad that besides many individuals also more and more companies use the opportunity to get involved in our foundation.

There are many approaches for companies to show social commitment. We will present a few of the possibilities now. More information can be found on the page Donate. Of course, we are pleased to help you put your own ideas and concepts into individual practice.

Social commitment

The term Corporate Social Responsibility means the specific socially responsible actions of a company. The reputation of a commercial enterprise is a competitive factor and social commitment a significant parameter.

However, the so-called Corporate Citizens are not confined to only sporadic charitable donations, but they shape the society actively and systematically. Strategic actions and corporate quality allow the connection of ecological, economic and social actions in a new manner.

Funding opportunities

Anniversary celebrations and corporate events are suitable to be combined with a fundraising for the foundation Families in Need. With the activity “Donations instead of Presents“ you ask your guests to donate to the foundation instead of giving anniversary presents. As an alternative to Christmas presents you donate to Families in Need. You forego financial reimbursement of services. You collect money inside the company for the families. You support measures for specific families right away.

There are many different ways for companies to support our foundation Families in Need.

Our Supporters

We sincerely thank everyone who support the work of our foundation with their donation and commitment. Your willingness to donate allows us to help the families in need in Hildesheim.

Of course our thanks also goes to the ones who don't want to be mentioned in public.

KSM Castings Group GmbH
Johannishof Stiftung
Kirchenkreis Hildesheim-Sarstedt
Kirchenkreis Hildesheim-Sarstedt
Lions Club Hildesheim-Rose

Contact Person

Robert Smietana

You want to support our foundation?

You can transfer your donation to the following account:
Familien in Not Hildesheim – FiN
Sparkasse Hildesheim Goslar Peine
IBAN: DE22 2595 0130 0034 3971 74
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Companies in Hildesheim support Families in Need

There are many opportunities as a company to show social commitment for families in need: e.g. a corporate event or an open house day. We are happy to put your ideas or wishes to support our foundation into practice together.

Familien in Not
Klosterstr. 6 - 31134 Hildesheim

telephone: 05121 - 16750

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